USA Department of Defense: Detecting Agile BS

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The USA’s Department of Defense has a Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Cybersecurity (CS) Program to safeguard information. Under the DIB CS Program, DoD and DIB participants share cyber threat information. In October, the group released a detailed guide on one of our favourite topics, Agile software development. Agile software development is an approach where ‘requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of...

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Are your S3 buckets private?

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Alongside checking your backups are working, updating your systems, checking for viruses, and all the other monthly tasks, it’s easy to overlook simple security areas of your network and storage. Over the past few months, there have been a deluge of exposed Amazon S3 buckets which have been exposed or found. The data of 123 million American voters has been leaked, 20,000 Indian medical records, as well as 48 million social media records,...

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A good SEO-worthy blog post

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This blog post has been kindly provided by Alex O’Neil of Alex runs one of the few honest and friendly social advertising and blog authoring companies around. He is a talented and funny writer, human, and former-child, and already proved to be a fantastic member of our team. He has some things to say. Blogs! They’re important for your SEO! Many people such as the esteemed Neil Patel rave about the power of...

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UK Gov sites hijacked by Cryptominer, and Subresource Integrity

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Over the weekend, thousands of websites around the world, including the UK’s NHS and ICO and the US Government Court system, were compromised, and caused visitors to mine crypto-coins – generating money for the miscreants. These sites were using a popular plugin called Browsealoud. Their support software “adds speech, reading, and translation to websites facilitating access and participation for people with Dyslexia, Low...

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State of the Web – Autoplaying Audio and Video

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It’s an ongoing debate – users do not like videos to autoplay (apart from YouTube), and designers want their website to feature their video and audio immediately on visiting the page. In the distant past, this has often been ‘solved’ by using Adobe Flash to play videos. Browsers soon caught up to this madness, and added ‘click to play’, forcing users to click to view Adobe Flash players. Since the replacement...

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Which Payment Gateway

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Often, the choice of which payment provider to use is a case of which offers the lowest cost, or which offers the functionality that’s required for your business. Once past these limitations, many payment providers are the same; offering either an on-page or external redirection site to take payment, and returning a secure callback to verify that payment has been taken. Some of the best payment providers are simply because of their new...

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