Below are just some of the many services we can offer. We can provide almost any online service, from video streaming to an online shop; or business software to hardware diagnostic applications.


Recommending the right frameworks, software, designers and developers which work together to fit business needs.

Custom Coding

Custom Development and Complete Systems for medium-enterprise businesses backend management systems. We use version control and support a variety of languages including PHP.


Custom importing solutions including working with BT Fresca, BT Expedite (now Aptos), Mercatus, Magento, WordPress, and many others

System Administration

We’re able to provide on-going and emergency support for almost any scenario. We can work with any OS, including Windows Servers and Hardened Gentoo Linux

Web Development and Hosting

We can provide webspace for any purpose, whether you need an online presence for your company, just a personal website to share your photos, or a full shopping website with online ordering, stock status and video advertising. We offer shared and dedicated servers with backup power, load-balancing support, and full backup system, and work with Microsoft Office 365, Google Mail, and our own mail servers.

Emergency Work

Taking on high stress, small timescale projects, or projects on the edge of being completed which need a helping hand

Do contact us if you wish to discuss any requirements as we are always happy to arrange custom solutions for your needs.