Dug Stokes, freelance developer based in Lincolnshire, England

frag.co.uk – established in 1994

I am Dug Stokes, a freelance developer based in Lincolnshire, England, UK.
I run a small development company, including other self-employed programmers and experts.

frag.co.uk is my small, creative online team, focused on great customer experience and innovative web development – for over 25 years

Recommending the right infrastructure, software, designers and developers, which work together to fit your business needs and best-practices.

Custom Development and Complete Systems for medium-enterprise businesses backend management systems. Our team uses version control and support a variety of languages including PHP

Custom importing solutions including working with Magento, WordPress, Mercatus, BT Fresca, BT Expedite (now Aptos), and many others whether it’s CSV, XML, REST, SOAP, or something weird.

We’re able to provide on-going and emergency support for almost any scenario. We can design infrastructure and manage upgrade and migrations, with any OS, including Windows Servers and Hardened Gentoo Linux

Our team can develop your site, and offer shared and dedicated servers with backup power, load-balancing support, and full backup system, and work with Microsoft Office 365, Google Mail, or our own mail servers

Taking on high stress, small timescale projects, or projects nearly completed which need a helping hand. We can take on almost any project and aid them to completion

Established in 1994, we’re experts at website development, e-commerce and custom projects and coding. frag.co.uk is my creative online presence, and team of developers – focused on great customer experience and innovative web development.

We’re a group of freelancers who are able and willing to take on almost any project.

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Why frag.co.uk?

Long-term Strategy

We work with our clients to get the most from their business, not only from their profits but also their long-term strategy.

On-time, On-budget

Like most companies, we deliver excellent websites, and our solutions are tailored to your needs. Flexible too; whether planned projects, or on-going support – we’re always on-time and on-budget.

Thirst for Excellence

But we are different – we have a thirst for excellent code and being involved to achieve the most from your business.

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