HHVM and PHP 7

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Update: This article has been updated! Please see below. PHP is the most popular server-side scripting language – by a wide margin, comprising of more than 80% of the websites on the Internet. It’s popularity is due to its’ ease of access, and support from many applications and frameworks, including WordPress and Magento. PHP was written in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf, as an extension to writing CGI scripts in C. This allowed the...

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Magento 1.x retirement – less than 15 months away

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Magento, the open-source e-commerce platform was officially first released March 31, 2008; 9 years ago. Soon Magento will only be supporting version 2.x and above. Given that there are hundreds of thousands of sites using Magento. According to Aionhill, by May 2017, Magento 2 has gained a significant move forward in the Top one million, 523 ecommerce stores run on Magento 2. According to their statistics there are approximately 11,000 Magento 2...

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BT Expedite, Fresca, Mercatus support and migration

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We can help! BT Expedite, the retail software division within the BT Group, is still used by a number of large retail stores for both their offline and online retailing. Originally marketed as BT Fresca back in the early years of the internet in ‘the year 2000’, it was sold to BT in 2008 as BT Fresca, and now is found as part of Aptos and BT Expedite. The suite often includes the Mercatus merchandising platform; and the ecommerce...

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eCommerce Platforms 2017

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As always, there is a huge number of options when considering an eCommerce platform. Not least of all, matching the features and requirements for the running of the site – but also the theming and design, as well as handling ongoing management. We’ve worked with many of the options available, and detailed some of the most popular platforms and products below. When considering moving to a new platform, you may need to consider...

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ZenCart, Magento and poor SEO – solving the issues

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We’ve been working with JustMustard.com on a very special project involving ZenCart eCommerce software. JustMustard is an online retailer and wholesaler of a variety of very strange and very awesome gifts and presents. We really enjoy working with them. Plus we really want some Pixel Oven-gloves. However, ZenCart is viewed with both praise and disdain from programmers. It is an excellent off-the-shelf system for an online shopping...

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Adobe Flash or HTML5?

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More as more sites are moving away from Adobe Flash; for good reason. Announced today, Slideshare, an online tool for sharing presentations, have completely rewritten their site to use HTML instead of Adobe Flash. This has meant that their site is now functional not only without the Flash plugin, but also on iPhone, iPad, Android and any other mobile platform that supports HTML5. They’ve also claimed a 30% speed increase; and it is...

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