How important is content vs style of your site?

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If you’re considering having a website for your company; there’s plenty of decisions to make – from which company to host with, and who should design and code your website, or whether to make it yourself. If you’re thinking of writing a website yourself, don’t fall into the trap of site generators and especially content generators. It only takes a short Google search to see why these are a bad idea: For example;...

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Internet Blackout – SOPA and Protect IP

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It’s an incredibly busy start to the year for us here at; but we’ve just got time to make you aware of an important event on today, 18th January. There will be an INTERNET BLACKOUT on many websites. Wikipedia, Reddit and many other sites may be unavailable. These sites (along with ourselves) are campaigning against the US laws (Protect IP and SOPA) which can shut down international sites without a trial. Not only does...

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Legal Bank Robbery

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Our sincere apologies for a lack of content these last few weeks; but as usual, with the run-up to Christmas we’re quite busy with client requests and preparing for the new year. However, in the meantime; we’ve found a recent post of BoingBoing that may be of interest to our readers: Eminent neuroscientist Moran Cerf got his start as an Israeli military hacker and then as a private security/penetration tester, robbing banks at their...

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Ten More Algorithm Changes from Google

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Google make around 500 changes to its search system each year; some are minor changes, but some have huge impacts on your sites’ search position. Possibly one of the most important changes is a focus on fresh content; something that has been featured in the Official Google Blog; As we announced just over a week ago, we’ve made a significant improvement to how we rank fresh content. This change impacts roughly 35 percent of total searches...

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The Evolution of the Snow Screensaver

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In November, approximately 16 years ago, I gave myself the challenge to write a screensaver in time for Christmas. It gave the effect of falling snow over the desktop, at varying speeds and including wind and various speed settings. Each snow particle was to be stored individually, and contain it’s speed, colour and trajectory. It was put together over a number of days, way in advance, and had so many features that could be added, and so...

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ZenCart, Magento and poor SEO – solving the issues

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We’ve been working with on a very special project involving ZenCart eCommerce software. JustMustard is an online retailer and wholesaler of a variety of very strange and very awesome gifts and presents. We really enjoy working with them. Plus we really want some Pixel Oven-gloves. However, ZenCart is viewed with both praise and disdain from programmers. It is an excellent off-the-shelf system for an online shopping...

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