Custom Coding

Custom Development and Complete Systems for medium-enterprise businesses backend management systems. We use version control and support a variety of languages including PHP.


We’ve worked on a huge number of platforms, both taking on and improving existing systems, and planning new infrastructure.

Recently, we’ve worked particularly closely with;

  • Google PageSpeed rankings of sub-100ms using a custom static cache
  • IBM Watson, so-called ‘big data’, and TensorFlow
  • Scheduled and queued tasks
  • Handling thousands of visitors per second during peak loads
  • Distributed and High-Availability systems
  • Infrastructure – Database replication including MySQL, Galera, Postgres, ZMQ and Redis

Coding Frameworks

We’re particularly well versed in Symfony2, as this is used in Magento and Drupal. We’ve also developed a significant number of projects with CakePHP, and have worked with HHVM (Facebook PHP). We’re also able to develop in all Microsoft Visual Studio languages, and have worked with node.js and Python systems especially for backend services. We also work with e-commerce and CMS platforms such as Magento and WordPress, developing a number of custom plugins and integrations.

Database design

Whether you need a shop with stock levels and distributors providing you with an automatic pricing system, or somewhere to store your products, we’ll be able to help design your database. We’re also very happy to maintain and work on your existing databases, in almost any format. We’re comfortable working with MySQL, PostgreSQL and of course, Microsoft SQL Server; as well as some of the more obscure database formats and high-availability systems such as MariaDB and Galera Clustering.

Audio/Video Streaming – On demand and broadcasted

We’ve worked hard to keep up-to-date with both streaming methods, with HEVC, HTML5 and methods compatible with both. We’ve written software to convert from almost any video and audio format to something any user can stream easily with their web browser. We’re confident we’ll be able to provide your video and audio streaming needs – to even the largest number of viewers.

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