How important is content vs style of your site?

If you’re considering having a website for your company; there’s plenty of decisions to make – from which company to host with, and who should design and code your website, or whether to make it yourself.

If you’re thinking of writing a website yourself, don’t fall into the trap of site generators and especially content generators.

It only takes a short Google search to see why these are a bad idea:

For example; this Google search:
Our firm’s reputation for providing quality service reflects the high standards we demand of ourselves. Our high standards, responsive service and specialized staff spell the difference between our firm and the rest

Generic text used this commonly is never going to perform well on search engines. Also, it’s accurate; but will your customers care to this style of writing? Having good copy on your site is as, if not more important than the design; and there’s a big difference between good copy and keyword-stuffing!

Remember, that the style of your site is only of important to your visitors. The content of your site, and how technically-sound it is, is important for your customers as well as search engines.