Googles changes the operators

Posted by on 20 Oct 2011 in All Articles, News, Search Engine Optimisation, Technology News | 9 comments

If you’re a regular user of Google, I’m sure you’re familiar with the plus operator. It’s used as a tool by power users to narrow down results to ensure words will be in the search results. If not, you’re probably familiar with Google rewriting your query to try and help your results; most commonly this is seen with misspelling; but often a word or two may be dropped from your query to assist with search terms you...

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SSL Google won’t be sending you queries

Posted by on 18 Oct 2011 in All Articles, News, Search Engine Optimisation, Technology News | 0 comments

In a fairly unexpected report, Google have announced that SSL will be enabled for a number of users by default. Along with GMail, secured by default last year, and Twitter and Facebook providing secure versions as an option, Google will be introducing secure searches to users over the coming weeks. Google have provided a secure search at for a while, more information on it is provided in their help, but it ensures...

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SEO Exploit via DNS “piggybacking” found in the wild

Posted by on 13 Oct 2011 in All Articles, News, Search Engine Optimisation, Security | 0 comments

A recent report out from the ISC (the ‘Internet Storm Center’, a program of the SANS Technology Institute) warns domain owners to check their DNS records. We offer a DNS Records tool on that may be some help to our customers. The report details around 50 organizations that have had new machine names added to their DNS zone information. These were then pointed to sites used to boost the search engine positions of...

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hello from us, and goodbye from them

Posted by on 27 Aug 2011 in All Articles, News, Technology News | 0 comments

We’re avid readers of technology news, and like to keep up-to-date with interesting announcements and useful tools. We’ll be posting to our blog regularly with news and tips. First Post! After 14 years and over 15,000 stories posted, Rob Malda of the popular technology site, Slashdot, has said goodbye. As an avid read of Slashdot for many years; and many of the best posts coming from CmdrTaco himself, it will be interesting to see...

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