Snow Snow 2011 – Download a screensaver with a variety of features, including randomization and snow that piles. The screensaver is a soothing, wintery snowscape.
It is an updated version of our previous screensaver, written in .NET 2.0 with DirectX, and uses very little CPU time.

Snow Screensaver screenshot

This software contains no spyware, adverts, or viruses. It may connect try to connect to our website for updates, but does not send any personally-identifable information.
It requires a DirectX 3D compatible graphics card and the .NET Framework 2.0, and it is simple to install and uninstall.

To Install: download the installer below, and run. Configure the screen saver from Display in Control Panel. You can also run it as a desktop application from the Programs menu.

To Uninstall: use Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel or the shortcut in the Programs menu, under ‘’.

Features: screensaver and desktop application in one, hardware and software graphics support, fullscreen support, various snow speed and wind settings, and keyboard controls.

Download NowCurrent Version: Snow 2011 Beta 1


  • Configure the Screensaver from Display in Control Panel
  • For Windows XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7

Download Snow 2011

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