DNS Tools

Written as a useful tool for internal testing, this tool has so many features that it would be unfair to keep it to ourselves. From one location, you can check IP and DNS whois information, ping an address, check DNS records and RBL blacklists, check for open ports, test HTTP headers for any page, and view the HTML source formatted for viewing.

Useful for webmasters, server administrators and home users, it features many of the pay-for features of other sites. It’s available in downloadable HTML, TEXT and linking to the tabbed interface. All the links are shown on the about tab.

This tool is still in beta, and may not always be available or fully functional. Please keep this in mind, but do contact us if you have any comments, suggestions or find any bugs.

Launch frag.co.uk DNS Tools

frag.co.uk Tools – Download the Windows Application

We now have a downloadable application which can run as a system tray icon. This application uses our website to make requests. It is a portable application and doesn’t come with an installer. Simply run the .exe from anywhere, or copy it somewhere save and create a shortcut.

Download the latest version now

Requires .NET Framework 2.0 or greater

Other versions

Mac OS X 10.5, Linux Intel 32-bit and 64-bit versions (including a Windows version) using Titanium has been created by Kichimi.co.uk

Windows 95 and up version from frag.co.uk, written in VB6, needing Minimal requirements- msvbvm60.dll (included in most versions of Windows), and shdocvw.dll (comes with Internet Explorer).


15 April 2011: added VB6 version for download.
04 April 2011: added RBL blocklist check, improved text version and error messages.
11 March 2011: Added support for geoip, port scan, HTTP headers and HTML source.
20 February 2011: First version including domain and IP Whois, ping, and DNS.

These tools come with no warranty, expressed or implied. Please do not misuse these services.