Adobe Flash or HTML5?

Posted by on 28 Sep 2011 in All Articles, Search Engine Optimisation, Software, Technology News | 1 comment

More as more sites are moving away from Adobe Flash; for good reason. Announced today, Slideshare, an online tool for sharing presentations, have completely rewritten their site to use HTML instead of Adobe Flash. This has meant that their site is now functional not only without the Flash plugin, but also on iPhone, iPad, Android and any other mobile platform that supports HTML5. They’ve also claimed a 30% speed increase; and it is...

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Microsoft Windows 8 Developer Edition

Posted by on 16 Sep 2011 in All Articles, Software, Technology News | 0 comments

Without wanting to turn into a review site; we’ve taken a look at Microsoft’s new Operating System – Windows 8; and we’re genuinely impressed. The beta is available to all, and is valid until March 2012. You can download it directly from Microsoft. It’s not recommended that this is installed or upgraded on a live machine (and always make backups); it’s likely that it’s almost impossible to downgrade....

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Microsoft to ‘ribbonise’ Windows 8 File Manager

Posted by on 2 Sep 2011 in All Articles, Software, Technology News | 0 comments

Microsoft have posted an insightful article regarding their decision to add a Microsoft Office-style ribbon to the File Manager toolbar. As usual, Microsoft go into some detail as to why this choice has been made. The article describes the most commonly used file buttons, in order, as paste, properties, copy, delete, rename, refresh and cut. These will now be shown in a large bar across the top in five categories – File, Home, Share, View...

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